September 8th, 2011
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10000/- on birth of the 5th Christian baby

catholic-churchThiruvananthapuram: To increase the Christian population in Kerala, Catholic parishes in Kerala have created incentives for Catholic couples to have larger families. St Vincent De Paul Forane Church in Kalpetta has promised 10000/- to Catholic couples on the birth of their fifth child. The money is to be remitted in a fixed deposit in the couples name.

Fr. Jose Kocharackal, vicar of St. Vincent De Paul Forane Church in Kalpetta, said that the church had already issued deposits to two families in the parish. As per the report published in a USA based Catholic News Agency, the money collected from Sunday mass donations are to be set aside for funding this programme.

The program was planned and instituted with help from the Sion Prolife Movement in the Diocese of Mananthavady. The organizers of the programme have declared that the sole aim of this initiative is to increase the Christian population at any cost.

Salu Mecheril, the organization’s regional coordinator, said the campaign’s popularity is increasing. According to him the programme that is a success in the Kalpetta based parish should be adopted in other parishes of the state. A second parish is preparing to adopt the same plan.

“We are working to spread the campaign in all the parishes of the diocese,” Mecheril said. The father of five, Abraham Jacob Chettipuzha, said he was “happy the Church is promoting the culture of life.”

The plan runs counter to a federal government initiative to encourage parents to have not more than two children. In 2008 the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference said that a family trend to have only one child or none at all would imperil the Catholic community.

The 2001 census said that Christians made up 19 percent of Kerala’s population of over 31 million, a drop from the 1991 census which showed they made up 19.5 percent.


3 Responses to “ 10000/- on birth of the 5th Christian baby ”

  1. james david

    Priests who promote such things in the name of religion should be arrested and sent to rigorous imprisonment. Their intention is clear. They want to fish in muddy water.

  2. bhaskaran

    Just ignore the news* No christian community is going to accept that* better the church fathers engage in lawful matrimony and make more offshoots of their own name*

  3. Sjohn

    We should really encourage the couples to have more children. But it should not be the case that it is only for ‘10000/-‘. Having more children always worth than ‘10000/-‘.


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