December 15th, 2011
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300 children rescued from begging mafia

Bangalore: The Bangalore police rescued 300 children from the clutches of the begging mafia that were drugging, trafficking and forcing them to beg. The children are controlled by the kingpin who drug them and use them to beg the whole day. Of the 300 hundred children who were rescued more than one third were below the age of three. The children are so heavily drugged that some were still sleeping even two days after their rescue.

A rescued beggar said, “My parents sent me to beg they said don’t come home empty-handed. If I took less than Rs 200 back they used to beat me.” “Many of these babies we’re not sure they belong to the adults, we’re not even sure the adults are relatives or not. Many who have claimed the babies are theirs have no proof really,” Rescue Worker Kanaiya said.

The police have not yet caught the masterminds. The police however claim to have video evidence of close to 1100 children being forced to beg by suspected traffickers on the streets of Bangalore. Most of the children are from Andra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh. Most of the kids rescued are now at government homes. Some never want to go back home.

The aim of this operation termed ‘Rakshane’ was to see the connection between child beggary and child trafficking.

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