September 28th, 2011
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A secret meeting at Pranabs house

pranab mukherjeeNew Delhi: A late night highly confidential meeting was held at Pranab Mukherjees residence . The meeting with Parliamentary Affairs minister P K Bansal, his deputy Rajiv Shukla and MOS Parliamentary Affairs V Narayanaswamy lasted for 20 minutes.

After the meeting Narayanaswamy said, “It was a routine meeting. There is no political significance of this.” This meeting however was convened hours after Mukherjee wrote an explanatory note to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying that the controversial Finance Ministry document was actually an inter-Ministerial background paper, to ensure that different government representatives would adopt a common position.

Mukherjee’s explanatory note also stressed that since the document was only a background paper, it could not be used as evidence in a court of law. Official sources said that the Finance Ministry document, dated March 25, 2011, describes itself as “Office Memorandum” /Sub: Allocation and pricing of 2G spectrum/ A copy of basic facts prepared on allocation and pricing of 2G spectrum is enclosed.”

On his part, the Finance Minister has refrained from speaking on the issue, saying he would first hold discussions with the Prime Minister. “The correspondence between the Prime Minister and Ministers, I consider, are confidential,” he curtly told reporters.

The meeting between the Prime Minister and Mukherjee will  possibly take place only today evening or on Friday since the Prime Minister is flying out to Sikkim in the morning to visit quake-hit areas. The Finance Minister too is leaving for Kolkata in the next few days for the Durga Puja festivities and will be away for nearly a week.


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