April 13th, 2012
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Abducted MLA’s wife appeals to Government and maoists

jhina-hikkakaBhubaneswar: Abducted tribal MLA Jhina Hikaka’s wife appealed to the Odisha government for her husband’s safe release hours after the Maoists released Italian national Paolo Bosusco. “I just want to say that the decision taken by the government is very good. I would urge the government to get my husband released as soon as possible. It’s been 20 days now, but there is no news about my husband. So, we are very sad,” she said.

After holding high-level meeting with senior officials from the administration and the police on the abduction of Mr Hikaka, Chief Minister will visit the MLA’s home in Laxmipur, 50 kilometres away, to meet with his wife Koushalya Majhi and other members of his family. This visit is believed to have been planned to dispel the perception that the state government is not paying enough attention to the MLA hostage issue.

Kausaliya appealed to the Andhra-Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee (AOBSZC), the faction holding him hostage, to release him safely. “The Maoists didn’t have any personal enmity with my husband. They have taken him so that their demands are met, I want to tell them that he is an honest man and they should free him and send him back safe and sound, I have my trust in the state government, they are trying their best… the Chief Minister has assured me that my husband will be brought back safely,” she said.

Mr Patnaik, yesterday, had also appealed to the Maoists to release the MLA at the earliest. “I plead the Maoists to release our MLA immediately…his entire family is waiting for him.” Mr Hikaka was kidnapped on March 24 from the Koraput district when he was returning home to Laxmipur. The group holding him hostage has demand the release of 30 rebels, including one accused of killing 55 policemen. A three-page letter in Telugu by the AOBSZC on Wednesday warned that the 37-year-old tribal legislator would be produced before a ‘praja court’ to decide his fate if the state government delayed further in releasing the 30 ultras.


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