September 17th, 2011
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ADMK is with Modi: Jayalalithaa

JayalalithaaChennai: Tamilnadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa today said her decision to support  her Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi’s fast for communal harmony is a firm expression of goodwill and there is nothing to find fault’. Speaking to reporters at Chennai, she said, ‘Narendra Modi has announced that he is going on a fast, for communal harmony and peace and unity.

This is also in line with our policy of secularism and communal harmony and peace. Modi spoke to me over phone and asked me to send somebody to facilitate his fast. So I have decided to send our two members of Parliament Group leaders, Thambidurai and Maitreyan’. When asked whether this move of her meant a change in the political dynamics, the Chief Minister said, ‘ You are reading too much into it. This was an expression of good will and there is nothing to find fault. With this fast, because, it is for the expressed purpose of maintaining communal peace and harmony, fostering communal peace and harmony’.

To a question as to whether Jayalalithaa would support Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister candidate in 2014 elections, the AIADMK general secretary said, ‘This is hypothetical question. I will answer such question when such a situation arises.’ Asked about her reaction to the petrol price hike, she said, ‘I had immediately issued a statement condeming the price hike and demanding that it be rolled back.’

When a reporter queried whether she takes it as a set back the Bangalore High Court quashing further investigations in the disproportionate wealth case, Jayalalithaa shot back, saying, ‘Not at all. Our lawyers are handling the case well and I have reposed confidence in them.’

Asked whether she would be appearing in the Bangalore court on 20 October, as directed by the Supreme Court, Jayalalithaa said, ‘I think that the date is 20 October, that has been set. It is nothing new for me. I don’t view it as a setback because, I have appeared in court on so many occasions, in the past. I have appeared in various courts, so it is nothing new for me.’


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