January 26th, 2012
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The Hindu v/s TOI: The battle begins………

The battle lines have been drawn. India’s leading national newspapers are out in the arena hurling furious blows at each other. In an attempt to topple ‘The Hindus’ monopoly over the Tamil market ‘Times of India’ jabbed ‘the Hindu’ hard core loyalists with an advertisement filled with pun, satire and sarcasm. TOI urged the sleeping ‘Hindu’ readers to rise from their sweet slumber. TOI however miscalculated the response of ‘The Hindu’ who like any other animal tightly guards its own territory. For the offense three tight slaps were rendered right across TOI’s face. Hindu ridiculed the bird brained TOI loyalists who according to them are devoid of any intelligence for  they are being fed with nothing but page three gossip.


Times of India’s attack


The Hindu’s counter-attack






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