April 16th, 2012
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Afghan fighting ends after 18 hours

afghan-warKabul: The 18 hours of  intense battle that broke out yesterday afternoon between the militants and Afghan security forces ended in the early hours of Monday morning. All Taliban attackers who launched a series of attacks in Kabul Sunday have been killed and the fighting is over. “The latest information we have about the Afghan Parliament area is that the attack is over now and the only insurgent who was resisting has been killed,” said the Kabul police chief’s spokesman Hashmatullah Stanikzai.

At daybreak, security forces flushed out militants holed up near embassies in the heavily guarded diplomatic area. Heavily armed Taliban suicide bombers unleashed a wave of coordinated attacks yesterday afternoon. The intense gunfire, rocket attacks and explosions rocked the diplomatic area and Parliament in Kabul. The assault by the insurgents, which began with attacks on embassies, a supermarket, a hotel and the parliament, is one of the most serious on the capital since U.S.-backed Afghan forces removed the Taliban from power in 2001.

The Ministry of Interior said 19 insurgents, including suicide bombers, had died in the attacks in Kabul and in at least three provinces and two were captured. Fourteen police officers and nine civilians were wounded. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks, but some officials said the Haqqanis, a network of tribal militants who live along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, were likely involved. According to India’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Gautam Mukhopadhyay all Indians were safe. No Indian target was attacked.

The militants attacked five star Kabul Star Hotel in Wazir Akhbar Khan area of the capital. Unknown number of Taliban men armed with light and heavy weapons targeted Afghan governmental and International offices.


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