December 2nd, 2011
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AG defends stand amid strong opposition

Advocate General -KP-DandapaniThiruvananthapuram: Advocate General KP Dandapani made desperate attempts to clarify his stand regarding Mullaperiyar issue even as the Opposition and the Ruling unitedly attacked and castigated the statements made by him before the High Court yesterday. He stated that his statements were misinterpreted and he had no intentions of flaring up a controversy.

“My submission in the court was not against the interests of the state. I was only representing the state. During the last 42 years at the bar, my honesty and integrity and honesty were never questioned. I would never mislead the court and I was only clarifying the courts queries regarding the safety of the dam,” he said.

“I submitted that the dam was on the verge of collapse due to recent tremors and old age,” he added. He also clarified that he had submitted the facts prepared by the Chief secretary. Earlier in the day the AG had submitted an affidavit before the High court stating that the water level in the dam had nothing to do with its safety and if it collapses the Idukki, Kulamavu and Cheruthoni dams have the strength to contain the heavy flow of water from Mullaperiyar.

Meanwhile Opposition leader VS Achthananthan had demanded that the government take action against the Advocate- General whose affidavit according to him had weakened the states case in the Mullaperiyar issue and hurt the sentiments of the people. Communist Party of India legislature party leader C Diwakaran MLA, accused the State’s ministers of making contradictory statements on the Mullaperiyar issue and asked them to retract their statements.

Finance Minister KM MAni said that he was finding it hard to believe that the AG could make such statements at a moment of disaster when all are sharing common sentiments. He also stated that the AG’s statements are wrong. Water Resource Minister PJ Joseph said that when he contacted Mr Dandapani, he denied to have made any such contradictory statements. In case the AG had erred, the cabinet would take action against him, he added.

The Minister said that the government would move the Supreme Court citing the reports of IIT Roorkee and IIT Delhi both of which are in favour of the the state.


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