March 23rd, 2012
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Agencies to recruit nurses

nursing recruitment through agencies in Mumbai Mumbai: Hospital managements in Mumabi have come up witha solution to tackle the problem caused by nurses going on strikes- they have started recruiting nurses from agencies. The hospital would not be responsible of the  nurses salary, provident fund, allowances and the like. The agencies would pay the nurses the salary. Agencies would act as a middle man. All relationships between the hospital and the nurses would be through the agencies.

In the past few months the country has been witness to a host of nurses agitation and protests that have sparked off at various parts of the nation where the nurses have demanded an increase in salary and various other allowances. A change in the recruitment process has been stimulated by the nurses agitation. It is a convenient counteraction come up by the management to tackle the agitation.

Most of the reputed hospitals in Mumbai have adopted this method of recruitment. These nurses would thus be denied of the right to protest against any of the adverse working conditions in the hospitals. Experience certificate shall be granted by agencies instead of hospitals. Hospitals would thus have only a contractual relationship with nurses and would be successful in alienating. There shall have no sense of belonging with any hospital. The nurses however shall be not have to sign any bonds. Four agencies in Mumbai have already recruited five hundered such nurses. Some agencies have also started providing hostel accomodation for nurses. The well being of the nurses shall be the responsibility of the agencies.



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