December 28th, 2011
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Alarming increase in STD in Indian metro : City gynecs

Special story/ Vivek Prasad

casual-sex-With casual sex gaining notorious popularity among young hip-hopping Chenaites, gynaecologists in the city have sounded the warning bells.They said by indulging in unprotected sex with multiple partners, a number of young girls, especially from the IT sector, are contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).

Dr Nirmala Vaidyanathan, leading gynaecologist in the city , says, “There is an increase in the number of youngsters coming to us with STDs and other vaginal infections. Nowadays, I get on an average 20 such patients in a month, whereas two years ago it was hardly five or six cases.”

The bedazzled doctor said one of the major reasons for the trend was unprotected sex with multiple partners. “Despite knowing the after effects, young girls especially from the elitist sections , these days have become  casual about premarital sex . They feel that even if they get pregnant, getting an abortion is very easy. Most of the girls who come to us are in the age group of 20 to 30 years, educated and from well-to-do families,” he said.

Dr Padmasini Prasad, gynaecologist and sexologist based at South Chennai, also said that the number of women, going to her for treatment of STDs and infections has increased by leaps and bounds. She said, “The highest number of cases I receive are those with herpes infection. While three years ago I used to receive hardly two or three such cases in a month, now I see one or two cases a week. The most common symptoms are the recurrent onset of small multiple rashes or ulcers that are painful, sometimes accompanied with an ugly odour. Most such patients are between 20 and 35 years of age.”

She added that every IT firm should have a medical counsellor to deal with such cases. The doctors said the trend could be controlled through counselling and spreading awareness among youngsters about the dangerous consequences of their behaviour.“Most of these youngsters, stay alone in the city and since their families are not there to keep a hawk eye on their activities, get easily influenced by anti-social elements. For young girls, getting pregnant and having an abortion done has nowadays become a kind of a joke,” said Dr Ketan of Antharangam nursing Home.

Dr Padmasini said there are also instances where married women contracted STDs because of their unfaithful partners. Many matrimonial agencies in the city say that it is becoming tougher to find grooms for IT women due to the alarming situation.

Dr Pandurangan, yet another renowned gynaecologist , said he has also witnessed an increase in the number of patients coming with warts. “Cervical warts is a condition that can lead to cancer. The major reason is unprotected sex with multiple partners. The harrowing part is, even if we warn the patients about the danger of the trend, they take it very casually. Since most of these youngsters keep consulting different doctors, we do not get to know if they have changed their behaviour.”

Dr Padmasini also said that warts are on the rise. “Three years ago, we used to get hardly four to eight cases in a year, but now the number goes up to even 35 and growing at an alarming rate.”



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