October 4th, 2011
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More allegations hurled against Sanjeev Bhatt

Sanjeev BhattAhemdabad: KD Pant, junior officer of  suspended Gujarat Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, Sanjeev Bhatt said that he was under no pressure to file the FIR against Bhatt. Pant also added that he was in Mumbai on the day Chief Minister Narendra Modi allegedly chaired the February 27, 2002 meeting hours after the Godhra train carnage, asking the police to go slow against rioters.

“I was under no pressure whatsoever to file a complaint against Sanjeev Bhatt. I did not accompany Bhatt to that meeting. I had been to Mumbai for the visa work of my nephews,” he said. When the media questioned him as to the sudden change in his statement, Pant said that he has mentioned everything in detail in his FIR report.

Pant had filed an FIR against Bhatt which alleged that the IPS officer threatened and forced him to sign a false affidavit with regard to the meeting called by Modi asking the police to go slow on rioters. Bhatt was taken into custody on September 30, on the basis of that FIR.

The hearing of Bhatt, who is under suspension, is set to come up in an Ahmedabad court on Tuesday. Bhatt is in judicial custody at the Sabarmati Jail after a local court dismissed the Gujarat police’s request for extension of his custody. The Gujarat government challenged the court’s order for rejecting the police plea, yesterday.



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