September 18th, 2012
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Am with the people of Koodankulam: V S ; who was blocked by Tamil Nadu police


Kaliyikkavila (Tamilnadu): The Opposition leader of Kerala V.S. Achuthanandan who had embarked on a visit to Koodankulam in a show of solidarity to the protesters there, was blocked by the Tamil Nadu police at the border today morning. VS decided to return to Trivandrum, considering the official request from the TN police to consider the deterioration in the law and order situation in the region, if he visits Koodankulam.

“I had come here to take part in the Gandhian protests led by Udayakumar. I am disappointed that I could not reach them. The Police is saying that my visit can create tensions in the region. I do not wish to create such a situation. So I am returning after expressing solidarity to the protest movement in Koodankulam,” said Achuthanandan.

He said that this issue is beyond that of linguistic or national divides. It is a protest movement for world peace. It is a major cause of disappointment that I could not go to Koodankulam and express solidarityu, he said.

The Tamil Nadu Police had earlier reequested the Kerala Police to prevent Achuthanandan’s visit to prevent the resultant rise in tension in the coastal belt near Koodankulam. It is learned that the Kerala Police refused to comply with this request, as it is against the protocol for the State Police to block the opposition leader. The Kerala Police had also earlier requested VS to back down from the trip due to safety conerns. But VS had refused.

VS Achuthanandan’s visit to Koodankulam was against the diktats of the party leadership. The sympathetic stand that he has taken to the protesters is in direct conflict with the official stand of the party’s central leadership as well as that of the Tamil Nadu unit. In a recent TV interview, VS had said that the current stand taken by the CPI (M) is not matching to the image of a party which has earlier withdrawn support to the UPA-1 Government in the INdo-US Nuclear deal issue. The Party General Secretary Prakash Karat had said earlier in the week that the Koodankulam plant can be commissioned after adequate safety measures are put in place and the concerns of the people are addressed.


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