December 7th, 2011
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Amritha nurses strike continues

malayalee-nursesKochi: Nurses of Amritha Institute of Medical College entered their second day of intense strike against The hospital management demanding higher wages and an end to harassment at work place. The nurses began their agitation yesterday. The representatives of the United nurses association nurses organization who had approached the management for a dialogue were beaten up by RSS activist.

Strike by nurses at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences turned violent as the nurses clashed with the police who were called in to control the crowd. Two persons were injured. Police resorted to lathi charge to disperse the crowd which gathered as part of the protest.

The nurses have demanded that the management reinstate their colleagues who were terminated. They said that they had formed a unit of the United Nurses Organisation which is active in other districts. The union was formed at AIMS on December 2. They alleged that the management was trying to weaken the union.

“When they terminated the president of the union and transferred its general secretary to Mysore with the intention of splitting the union we took out a protest demanding that the president be reinstated. Since we continued to protest, the management agreed for talks.

The emergency unit of the hospital has been forced to shut down. Nurses from various other hospitals have arrived to express their solidarity towards the movement. Some of the demands raised by them are an increase in the basic pay from 4000 to 12,000, to end the bond system, to continue the appointment of male nurses, to increase the nurse patient ratio to 1:1 in the ICU and the like. The nurses have decided to end the strike only after they get a written confirmation from the hospital authorities.

The management however is not ready for any compromise. They have decided to take stringent action against the nurses who have gone on strike. The management claimed that they would function efficiently even if the nurses continue on strike.

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7 Responses to “ Amritha nurses strike continues ”

  1. Anirudh

    I am a student in amrita college. I totally support the nurses in this strike. But i think the govt should interfere now because the management has crossed all the limits. Patient are dying and the management is posting final year students and ashram inmates with no medical knowledge in icu and wards to take care of patients!!! This is how the management is managing without nurses. This fact has to come to the attention of all the people.

  2. lijopaul

    in every hospitals nurses need a union for their needs. so it is good

  3. radhika..

    i am also a student at amrita ishigh time the atrocities of the management are brought to anirudh has stated, final year students have been asked to take care of the patients.there is a limit to harassment…..not only to nurses but to the students as well….which noone really knows!!it is sad that the patients are bearing the brunt of it all!…But swimming against the tide normally does not work in amritha…but now that the media is involved….there are hopes!

  4. radhika..

    thereis no justification for violence from the managements side.!…

  5. radhika

    iam also a student at amritha…..i dont think violence can ever be justified.!this is heights of harrasment….

  6. renjith

    pls give the number for una assocshion or my number is 0096896731282 iam also pervise staff in amritha .this strike is good and i congte the ledars of this unite .this strike is one modile to strike another hospital like pupagiri-thrivala-and chithipuha changanchery and jubile thusr and amala thur and all salary down hosptal pls strk and get your mimium salary and pls note we are one ok

  7. seno

    me too support……i would like to know the decision which management has taken now.


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