April 16th, 2012
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Amul to take legal action against Cadbury for misguiding public

milk-drinkingMumbai: Amul is to take legal action against Cadbury for promoting Bournvita in a misguided way. According to Amul, Bournvita in its advertisement drives home the point that Milk alone is not a sufficient source of nutrients. Amul believes the industry is putting the entire dairy industry in poor light and misguiding the consumers.

In the new promotional campaign for Bournvita, in a conversation over a cup of coffee, between two mothers who are concerned about their child’s health one mother insists on the use of Bournvita which is enriched with Vitamin D without which calcium that’s in the milk is not fully absorbed by the body. The mother who is aware of the significance of Bournvita is portrayed as worldly, knowledgeable, and someone who can be respected. Whereas the mother who gives her son plain milk is depicted as an ignorant individual who is bringing up her child without providing the necessary nutrient supplements.

The advertisement insists that to derive calcium from milk, one needs to use a supplement such as Bournvita. The campaign suggests that in recent years the quality of milk has gone down and advises consumers to mix supplements such as Bournvita to raise levels of Vitamin D, which further helps absorb calcium from milk!

Interestingly best source of vitamin D is sun. Why would anybody give processed Vitamin D for kids when it’s readily available from the primary source of all energy- the sun.  In their website Bournvita gives an explanation for the need of processed fortified vitamin D even when we get it naturally for free. According to them earlier, sunlight was the major source of Vitamin D for children. But today, as their activities are mostly confined indoors, the daily dosage of Vitamin D may not be fulfilled.

RS Sodhi, MD of GCMMF (Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd) said “Cadbury has tried to degrade milk’s virtues and is misguiding consumers to promote its own supplement.” “Milk is the best source of vitamins and has enough nutrition. For centuries people have consumed milk and derived its nutrition without any external supplement and to say that the quality of milk is degrading is misguiding consumers. Not just Amul but the entire dairy industry is against this kind of promotion. We’ll take suitable legal action against the company,” said Sodhi.

“We have not received any legal notice and therefore we cannot respond to specific claims. Vitamin D deficiency is a growing concern among a large proportion of children today because of changing lifestyles and inadequate exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D aids calcium absorption from milk. Bournvita contains Vitamin D which enhances the calcium absorption of milk and thus multiplies its benefits,” said a Cadbury spokesperson.

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