December 15th, 2011
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Anna demands extention of Lokpal

anna-hazareNew Delhi: Anna Hazare comes out with his new threat. If the government refuses to extend the ongoing winter session to pass the Lokpal bill, he would go on a hunger strike. “If there is no time for passing the bill (according to the present schedule), then extend it. It is important for the country. Earlier also, you have occasions when the Session was extended,” he said.

The activist said he has confidence in Parliament that it will pass the bill as everybody in government has given his team the assurance that it will be done. An adamant Anna Hazare and the Opposition have made it clear that they want the Lokpal Bill passed in the current winter session, the Government on its part insists it is in no hurry as it needs further consultation to fine-tune the anti-corruption legislation. The Government insists that the civil society must have patience and must not dictate terms to Parliament.


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