January 5th, 2012
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Anna wont campaign in Assembly polls

anna-at-hospitalMumbai: The government heaves a sigh of relief as their opponent retracts due to ill health. Anna Hazare will not campaign in the upcoming Assembly elections in five states, including in Uttar Pradesh, owing to his poor health, Kiran Bedi said.

“Anna is not going to campaign in the states. Anna is not going to travel which we have urged him not to. Doctors are not allowing any more fasts. As any more travel at the moment and change in climate can be detrimental of his health,” she told reporters. Mr. Hazare’s health is “really important” for them and he could not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature, she added.

Anna Hazare, admitted to hospital with chest congestion, was responding well to treatment and his condition was improving, doctors attending on him had said on Wednesday.”Anna is stable and improving. The congestion in his chest has reduced and he got good sleep on Tuesday night,” said Sancheti Hospital’s Mahendra Kawedia, who has been closely monitoring Anna Hazare’s condition.

Doctors have advised Hazare one month’s rest. The activist is suffering from acute bronchitis. Anna Hazare, 74, was rushed to the hospital from his village Ralegaon Siddhi just before December 31 midnight for treatment.

On Tuesday, the doctors at Sancheti Hospital increased the dosage of antibiotics being given to the activist. Kawedia said since Hazare needs to be kept under observation while antibiotics are administered to him, he might be discharged on Sunday instead of Friday.





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