August 23rd, 2011
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Anna’s health deteriorates

anna hazare health deteriorates while fastingNew Delhi: Concerns over Anna Hazare’s health grew as he lost five kilogram, as the Gandhian entered the eighth day of his fast,even as doctors said he was fine. His weight has reduced from 72 to 67 kilograms. His blood pressure is at 130/90 and the heart rate is slightly high at 90 and traces of ketone were also found in his blood.

A team of government doctors and another team from the Medanta Hospital are constantly monitoring his health. His close associate Manish Sisodia told reporters that though he was weak there was no problem right now.

Amid concerns about his health and hunger strike, Anna Hazare appeared on stage and said, “I have been fasting for eight days but I am fine. There is no cause for concern. The doctors attending to me won’t let me die.” He said that it was true that he had lost five kilos but he said he was ready to be a martyr for this country in his struggle against corruption.

If the fast continues the 74 year old Gandhian he could suffer from  acute dehydration that could lead to kidney damage, low heart rate, even a heart attack. Doctors also claim that he could suffer from stroke or even multiple organ failure and finally death. If Anna Hazare refuses to break his fast he would need urgent medical intervention and may be force fed through nasal tubes or IV would have to be administered.




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