November 7th, 2011
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Anti- Bank of America protest intensifies

protestSan Diego: Agitated hundreds of  San Diegans protested in San Diego against Bank of America on Bank Transfer Day. Even as banks are declaring bankruptcy thousands of Americans withdraw their monies from large banks and locals are closing their accounts. The protestors organized a mock funeral of the American Dream and numerous demonstrators were dressed in black appropriately.

Civic Centre Plaza has emerged as the protest site as the agitators crowd met there at 10.30 am. The Plaza has been the site on the on-going Occupy San Diego movement as it enters the anniversary of its first month. About 10:45, the crowd surged onto Third Avenue taking to the street, marched along Broadway and took a right to go south down Fourth Avenue. As the crowd closed in, an occupier blew “Taps” on his trumpet during a rare moment of silence, in honor of those who lost monies due to Bank of America and who have had their American dream die.

Demonstrators, estimated to be at least 250, chanted, listened to a few speeches, and noisily encouraged a few people who went inside the branch to close their account, as they massed near the branch’s door.  The mood was actually festive and energetic. There was no real tension at all. Finally, the protesters regathered and marched back to the Plaza, and most dispersed to go home.  Yet, a number stayed, and planned to spend the night as Occupy San Diego continues.




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