March 27th, 2012
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Antony aware of bribe attempt

Army-bribe-scamNew Delhi: “All my life I have fought against corruption. I will go to any extend to fight against to investigate the Army chief’s allegations. I have nothing to hide,” Defence Minister AK Antony said breaking his silence on the allegation made by India’s Army chief that he was offered a bribe of 14 crores in 2010.

The minister however stated that General VK Singh had informed him of the bribe offer. He recollected that he was shocked and stunned by the information given by the General. Eventhough he asked the General to take action against the culprit, General VK Singh refused to do say claiming that he did not want to pursue the matter further. Mr Antony said he had not take any action as he had not received any written complaint from the General at any stage.

Opposition parties have been demanding an explanation as to why neither the General nor the Defence Minister asked for an investigation earlier, or blacklisted the company that allegedly offered the bribe. Both the Congress and the BJP said the Army chief should have filed a police case against the retired officer who approached him with the kickback.

BJP leader Arun Jaitely accused the minister and the Army chief of dismissing the offer of the bribe as a frivolous charge. “There is eventually civilian control of armed forces… but issues that should be settled in closed doors are becoming a public debate which in case of armed forces should be avoided,” said the BJP’s Arun Jaitely. He added that the government and the Army chief “should not have put blinkers on their eyes.  This is learning to live with corruption,” he said.


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