February 3rd, 2012
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Archdiocese against CPIM display of Jesus Christ

cpim-and-jesusThiruvananthapuram: The Syro Malabar Catholic Archdiocese of Thrissur have expressed displeasure over the portrayal of Jesus Christ poster among Marxist thinkers at the CPIM state conference. ” The CPIM followers have lost faith in their own masters that is why they are using Jesus Christ’s photo”, said Fr Paul Thelakkade,  Syro Malabar Catholic Archdiocese spokesman.

The photo of Jesus Christ was displayed at ‘Marx is right’ a historical photography exhibition held at Putharikandam Maidan. CPIM portrayed Jesus as revolutionary, social reformer and as a person who raised his voice against the existing cruelty in the then governance. He was according to them a martyr who was crucified for fighting for justice and a humane society.

According to Fr Paul Thelakkade the action of CPIM is objectionable. “With such gimmicks you cannot reach out to the people. This is only a means to run away from the existing crisis. They are moving away from class war and materialism,” he said.

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