April 10th, 2012
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‘Are the communist fools for they attempt to block the sun with a sieve’

flexKasargode: A flex board in support of Opposition leader VS Achuthanandan was raised at Neeleshwaram. The board was raised in protests against the party’s decision of excluding VS Ahuthanandan from the polit bureau. They have severely criticized the state party leaders and the polit bureau.  The board was raised yesterday at Neeleshwaram’s VS auto stand. “Pazhe Muramkonde Sooryane Marakyan Shramikunna Viddikalano Communistkare (Are communists fools for attempting to block the sun with a sieve)”, they questioned.

“Do the eunuchs who have brought the rule that all above the age of 80 should be removed from the central committee think that they will remain young forever”, they asked. VS Achuthanandan’s fight shall not end here, they proclaimed. Opposition leader VS Achuthanandan who was ousted from the polit bureau for violating organizational principle and discipline on July 14, 2009, has been excluded from the newly constituted polit bureau yesterday.




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