October 31st, 2011
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Ashok Chavan changes name again

ashok-chavanMumbai: Former Chief Minister Ashokrao Chavan has gone back to adopt his old name Ashok Chavan. A month after he took over as chief minister, he had changed his name from Ashok to Ashokrao, on the advice of a numerologist who said the name would name bring him prosperity and better luck.

But his compatriots believe Chavan’s bad phase began after he added ‘rao’, his name figured in the multi-crore Adarsh scam.When it was confirmed that Chavan was instrumental in granting membership to his close relatives, he had no option but to quit. Next, he lost a crucial legal battle against political rival Madhav Kinhalkar, who lodged a complaint against him before the Election Commission.

Chavan had been lucky till then. When Congress president Sonia Gandhi began searching for Deshmukh’s successor, Chavan was nowhere in the race, but at the last moment she sprang a surprise by declaring him as the new CM. Besides, he initially emerged as a powerful chief minister.




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