November 2nd, 2011
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Assange ‘s future hangs in the balance

JUlian AssangeSweden: The verdict on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange regarding his alleged involvement in sex crimes would be declared today. Today the 40 year old whistleblower will be sent to Sweden to answer sex crime allegations. The judge’s extradiction verdict could put the very future of Wikileaks website at stake.

Swedish authorities want to question Mr. Assange over the alleged rape of one woman and the molestation of another in Stockholm last year. Mr. Assange denies wrongdoing, and insists the case is politically motivated.

Legal experts predict Britain’s High Court will rule in favour of extraditing Mr. Assange, who has spent much of the past year under virtual house arrest at a supporter’s country estate. “Very, very few people defeat a European Arrest Warrant,” said Julian Knowles, an extradition lawyer at London’s Matrix Chambers who has been following the case. “The courts in England generally lean in favor of extradition.”

If Mr Assange loses, he may have the right to appeal to Britain’s Supreme Court.


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