September 22nd, 2011
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Attapadi: No govt instruction to return land

suzlon energy limitedAttapadi: We have not received any official communication from the Kerala State government on returning land in its possession to local tribal people or the government said, Suzlon Energy Limited, Pune, which had established windmills at Attapadi.

“We have not yet received any official communication from the State government. However, we are sure that we would be given a fair hearing in the matter more so as a related matter is pending before the High Court. We have immense faith in the law of the land and we have been abiding in all our projects since our inception,” a company representative said.

The Kerala State government had declared earlier that they would take over the illegally encroached land and the two wind mills that were established by the Suzlon Company. The CM ensured that all the land that was taken away from the tribals would be taken over by the government and that it would be handed over to the rightful owners- the tribals.

The aadivasi’s at Attapadi have lost 85.21 acre’s of land. He had ensured that the aadivasi’s would be given title deed of the land.



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