February 14th, 2012
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Attempts to foil Vilappilshala protest, Sang pariwar accused

vilappilshalaThiruvananthapuram: The Rashtriya Sangh Pariwar is alleged to have played a dirty game to foil the Vilappilshala people agitation that was organized yesterday. The allegations were raised by senior leaders of the Samara Samithi. According to them, the members of the Sang Pariwar that hurled stones at the police that were deployed there, with the intention of creating a chaotic aggressive situation so that the agitation fails. An assistant Sub-Inspector was injured.

Vilappil panchayat members who were aware of the corporations decision to resume the disposal of waste at Nilappilshala. Hence they were prepared for the agitation. The modus operandi chalked out by the agitators were to place children and women in the fore front in order to block the corporation vehicles laden with garbage. They also stated that if the police had resorted to arrest the agitators they were ready to be taken into custody as they knew that it would be impossible to arrest the vast mass of people who had gathered there. If one group of people where arrested another group was ready to take its place, the agitators said.

In an attempt to jeopardize the entire protest the political parties infiltrated into the protest and attempted to turn it into a violent clash between the protestors and the police.  The Janakeeya Samara Samithi leaders have also decided not to cooperate with the hartal called by the Congress and BJP as a protest against the brutal police action on agitators. The Congress party in Vilappilsala panchayat has organized the hartal as a protest against the brutal police action in which district panchayat member was injured yesterday. According to the Samara Samithi the hartal has been organized foreseeing political interests.



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