September 13th, 2011
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B vault must be opened: Expert panel report

Padmanabhaswamy templeThiruvananthapuram: The seven-member panel headed by C V Anand Bose, appointed by the Supreme Court has submitted its report before the apex court. As per the report the B vault must be opened. The report which was prepared on August 23 was submitted before the apex court for the first time today.

In a interim report submitted before the Apex Court the panel informed that the vault ‘B’ must be opened for assessing the condition of the chamber, the safety of the vault, the kind of security to be arranged for at the temple. The panel stated that it is essential to ascertain how sturdy the walls of the vault are and the weight and value of the contents of the vault.

The committee stated that they are not taking the “devaprasnam” at face value and would go ahead with the inventory process. Of the six vaults, five have been opened so far and their inventory prepared by the panel.



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