March 16th, 2012
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Baby Falak dies of heart attack

falakNew Delhi: Two-year-old baby Falak, died at AIIMS last night at 9.40 PM following a cardiac arrest after fighting a grim 58-day battle for life. . On Sunday, she would have completed two months at Delhi’s AIIMS. The abandoned child 2 year old, was admitted to the AIIMS on 18th January with severe head injuries, broken arms, bite marks all over her body and with her cheeks branded with hot iron. She died of a heart attack – her third in these two months.

Doctors attending to Falak say her heart rate had been fluctuating all day. They suspect her heart was weak due to the two cardiac arrests she had suffered from earlier. Doctors are shocked as Falak was off the ventilator and was recovering well.

“It was unexpected. She was fit to be discharged. All of a sudden, she had a cardiac arrest at nine and we tried to revive her. But then she gave up at around 9.40 PM,” said Deepak Agrawal, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the AIIMS Trauma Centre who has been attending on her from the day she was admitted there. During her treatment earlier, she had contracted meningitis and underwent five surgeries and had also suffered two heart attacks.

“But she had survived all this and had recovered well,” Agrawal said. “She was doing well. We removed her from the ICU and shifted her to the ward after we found that she had recovered well.

The whole day she used to spend time playing with the nurses at the hospital. “All of a sudden she had a cardiac arrest. Since she is a medico-legal case, we will conduct a post-mortem tomorrow,” Agrawal said.

The child was brought to hospital on January 18 by a teenaged girl who falsely claimed to be her mother. It was obvious that the child was subjected to gruesome physical abuse. Nurses looking after the baby, diagnosed with Battered Baby Syndrome, named her Falak meaning “the sky.” She survived six brain surgeries. The last surgery performed on her was nearly three weeks ago.

Investigations revealed the shocking story of Falak, her two siblings and their mother who were all separated after falling victim to human traffickers. Falak’s mother Munni was tricked into a second marriage by three women out of whom two — Laxmi and Kanta Choudhry — were arrested.


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