August 30th, 2011
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BCCI to be brought under government controll

BCCINew Delhi: The new sports bill taken up in cabinet once passed will be a law that will bring India’s richest sports body, Board of Control for Cricket  (BCCI) under government control. BCCI which is a non transparent private autonomous body does not even come under the ambit of right to information act.

The Bill will make it mandatory for all cricket associations including the BCCI to adhere to those norms which have been marked out for other Olympic sports. If the Bill is accepted, Random Doping tests, so far resisted by cricketers could be made mandatory. Cricketing bodies will also have to submit details of their expenditure and earnings if the Bill becomes a law.

Ajay Maken, Sports Minister said,”This Bill is comprehensive, as I have always been saying. It includes the tenure norms, age norms, and also, all these sports federations must be considered as public authorities under the Right to Information Act. Besides, this draft Bill as we had circulated earlier, also has provision of Ombudsman.”

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) officials could be hurt the most by provisions of this Bill as the Bill fixes the maximum term for any sports official in any discipline at three. An upper age limit of 70 years has been fixed as well. VK Malhotra and Jagdish Tytler have already served multiple terms as heads of sporting federations for more than a decade.

The bill proposing a reservation of 25 per cent to former sportsmen in associations of that particular sport. Sharad Pawar strongly opposed the bill. The final decision could well be upto the Prime Minister himself.

The BCCI seems to have drawn swords with the government as it says the move to bring the board under its control is unacceptable and only organizations receiving funds from the government can come under the RTI Act.’Only organisations taking grant from the government can come under RTI so only federations while BCCI doesn`t’, BCCI spokesperson Rajeev Shukla said in an interview without speaking anything on the specifics of the proposed Sports Bill.

BCCI has termed it as a backward move when cricket is at its zenith. However, several MPs and former cricketers have backed the move saying that the BCCI should be more transparent and should set an example for others to follow. Former cricketers Arun Lal and Kapil Dev supported the Bill, saying there was absolutely nothing wrong in BCCI coming under RTI.

Lok Sabha MP Sharad Yadav asked for more transparency in the functioning of the cricket board while BJP’s Ravi Shankar Prasad and RJD’s Lalu Prasad Yadav expressed similar views putting their weight behind the proposal.





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