November 21st, 2011
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BJP to move no-confidence motion against BSP

mayawathi Lucknow: The Samajwadi Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have given a notice to Uttar Pradesh Assembly Speaker Sukhadeo Rajbhar to bring in a no-confidence motion against the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). The decision to bring the no-confidence motion by the Samajwadi party and the BJP comes even as the Uttar Pradesh Assembly gets ready for a stormy winter session over Chief Minister Mayawati’s state-split proposal.

The Samajwadi Party claims that Chief Minister Mayawati has lost majority in the Assembly as the BSP has denied tickets to 40 sitting MLAs for the upcoming Assembly elections. Samajwadi Party leaders say that the BSP MLAs who have been denied tickets are no longer supporting the government.

SP leader Shivpal Yadav said, “The Mayawati government has lost the trust of the people of the state. The government is in minority as several MLAs who have been denied BSP tickets are angry with her. She doesn’t have the numbers anymore.” He said that the Mayawati government will not be able to get through with the proposal of the division of Uttar Pradesh because of this minority as the 40 MLAs who have been denied tickets are against Mayawati.

Uttar Pradesh has 403 Assembly seats with the BSP having 221 MLAs, Samajwadi Party 88, BJP 48 and the Congress 20 members. The effective strength of the Assembly is 395 as there are eight vacancies and Mayawati enjoys the support of 219 MLAs as two of her party members – Jitendra Kumar Singh Babloo and Dasharath Prasad Chauhan – have been disqualified under the Anti-Defection Law by the Speaker.

However, the problem for Mayawati is that apart from the 40 MLAs who have been denied tickets there are 20 other MLAs against whom she has taken action in the last one year due to various charges and there are indications that the Opposition parties will try to exploit this weakness of the BSP during the winter session of Uttar Pradesh Assembly.

He also said that the Opposition is united and will oppose Mayawati’s 4-way split proposal. The no-trust motion can be seen as a diversion tactic by the SP as the BSP has a strong hold throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh and the division of the state will benefit the BSP.

The BJP and Congress are standing united with the SP on the issue. The BJP has been calling it a political gimmick by Mayawati. It is against hastily splitting up the state. Seen fighting for the third place in the upcoming Assembly polls, the BJP is wants a State Reorganisation Commission.

The Congress, too, has said that the decision must not to be taken with an eye on elections. It wants a second State Reorganisation Commission to be constituted. The only party expected to support Mayawati’s proposal is the Ajit Singh-led Rashtriya Lok Dal. The party has been campaigning for the creation of Harit Pradesh and so, it will support the resolution.


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