October 1st, 2011
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BJP to prepare for early polls

BJPNew Delhi: The BJP has taken the battle a notch higher. They have declared that the Manmohan Singh government won’t last its full term, as it had completely lost all credibility. Speaking after the two day national executive meet of the party’s top leaders in New Delhi, Arun Jaitley, Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, said the BJP needs to be prepared for early polls.

“A revulsion towards the government has set in… the government won’t last till 2014,” said Mr Jaitley while briefing the media after the party meet concluded. Sushma Swaraj however questions the prepardness of BJP to face a early poll. She called on the cadres to present a united face.

“This government will not last long, and being the principal opposition party, it is our responsibly to be ready for this challenge,” Sushma Swaraj was quoted as saying by Mr Jaitley.”We must learn from Congress’ mistakes and maintain a clean image and unity in the party, keeping allies together,” she said. “This is how we will fulfill our duty as an opposition and also be prepared for an alternate government.”

Senior leader LK Advani, meanwhile, said, “Government is in a suicidal mode. We don’t need to disturb it.”Mr Jaitley also attacked the Prime Minister saying he was losing his confidence. Speaking about the recent spat between UPA’s two senior ministers, Mr Jaitley said the truce was actually a farce.


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