November 10th, 2011
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BlackBerry service delays

blackberryOttawa: BlackBerry users will experience service delays though its just been a month since BlackBerry services crashed worldwide, stranding some customers for up to three days. Google said it would stop offering a Gmail application for BlackBerrys on Nov. 22. While the app will continue to function after that date, Google also plans to abandon support for it.

Tenille Kennedy, a spokeswoman for RIM, said the users whose service was affected yesterday were in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. That’s the same part of the world where the failure of a major networking component led to last month’s shutdown. The problem that time became worldwide as the buildup of undelivered data it created eventually overwhelmed all of RIM’s network.

 Ms Kennedy said it was unclear how many users were affected or exactly what sort of delays they were encountering. Online postings by users indicated that they were unable to send or receive e-mail, and many found that Web browsing was either slow or impossible. She did not offer an explanation for the outage. She emphasized that the trouble had appeared to be isolated to certain parts of the world.


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