December 23rd, 2011
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Bombay High Court criticizes Anna

anna-hazareMumbai: The Bombay High Court strongly criticized Anna Hazare and his activists who sought discount rates to organize protest at Mumabi’s MMRDA ground. The court also stated that it was wrong on his part to canvass against the government even when the Lokpal bill was intensely debated in parliament.

The court said “we cannot allow parallel canvassing when Parliament is seized with a debate on the Lokpal Bill”. It also observed that Anna’s tam had no right to seek discounted rates. “If we pass an order allowing your petition then even we will be interfering with the functioning of Parliament,” said the two judges hearing the case. “Is public debate permissible at this stage? Under which law are you (petitioner) asking for exemption? It might be satyagraha for you but for some other factions it might be a nuisance,” the two-judge division bench of justices PB Majmudar and Mridula Bhatkar told Team Anna.

The court observed that team Anna has no right to seek a discounted rate for the city’s MMRDA Ground as a venue for their three-day protest, which starts on Tuesday. The court also said that if Team Anna has got permission to use the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, they should stage their protest there. “If Ramlila Ground is available, why don’t you hold your fast there,” the court asked Team Anna’s lawyer.

“Public opinion can be created in the entire country, so why are they insisting on this place?” the judge questioned. He also told Team Anna that they were expecting too much from the government.

Team Anna had approached the Bombay court for a reduction in rates to organize protest at Mumabi’s MMRDA ground. The rate offered to Team Anna is Rs. 3.77 lakhs a day. The activists say they will not pay these “five-star” rates, even if supporters donate generously to their cause. So they asked the court to intervene, and instruct the government to offer them the venue either at no cost, or at a special rate. Amongst this controversy the Delhi Police granted permission to use the capital’s Ramlila Grounds.




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