September 29th, 2011
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Brutal attack on teacher becomes controvercial

Brutal attack on teacher in KeralaKollam: The brutal attack on teacher Krishnakumar of Kottarakara Vallakam Ramavilasam Vocational Higher Secondary School owned by former Kerala minister R Balakrishna Pillai is developing into a serious political controversy. Kerala Congress(B)leader Balakrishnan Pilla who is also the manager of the school is alleged to have engineered the assault.

Pillai’s son and Minister for Forests & Environment, Sports and Cinema in the Government of Kerala, K B Ganesh Kumar said he had no connection with the school. CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan today demanded a high level probe into the case. Pinarayi added that he had clear information regarding the persons behind the incident, but would not reveal the names.

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy promised strong action after the issue was raised in the Assembly by Kottarakkara MLA Aisha Potti. Opposition leader V S Achuthananthan  told press persons today that he believed that Ganesh Kumar and his father Balakrishna Pillai were behind this gruesome attack. Quotation groups were sent by them, according to him.

“The motive behind the attack is the antagonism that Pillai has towards the victims wife who became the headmistress of the school recently. Most people think that Pillai is in jail. But that is not true. He is enjoying five star health care at KIMS hospital. He can call his children or even quotation people for there is no restrictions imposed upon him,” VS said.

VS who visited the teacher at the hospital stated that if a fair investigation is desired, then Ganesh Kumar must resign from his ministerial post.

The gruesome, inhuman, barbaric attack on the teacher has sent shock waves through the state. The teachers  genitals were mutilated and a thick iron rod, used for coconut-husking, had been thrust up the excretory canal. Doctors at the medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, where Krishna Kumar underwent a four-hour long major surgery, said his hip bone had fractures at three regions and that his internal organs including the rectum and small intestine had been ruptured. His testicles had been badly pounded and the excretory canal had been torn severely. The teacher is said to be recovering from the trauma at the post-surgical critical care ward.

Krishnakumar was found in a serious condition on a roadside at Valakam near Kottarakkara in Kollam district, police said. He sustains serious injuries to his internal organs. Locals told police they saw Krishnakumar being thrown out of a white car at night and that he was found to be lying in a pool of blood.

Krishnakumar was first taken to Kottarakkara Taluk Hospital, but doctors there referred him to MCH.  “He was possibly attacked elsewhere and dropped at MLA Junction,” Kottarakkara DYSP K M Anto said, adding, “We have registered an attempted murder case.”

Krishnakumar is involved in a running battle with the school management and is the prime witness in a vigilance case against it for irregularities. His wife Geetha became headmistress of the school after winning a court case against the management. He had recently lodged a complaint stating that there were death threats from the management, but the police took the matter lightly, sources said.



One Response to “ Brutal attack on teacher becomes controvercial ”

  1. Alleppian

    It is so distressing to see the state of affairs of our State.We poor Public is misguided and made fools by media,parties etc.
    Here some unconfirmed sources told me that the above school teacher had some extramarital relationship with a lady belonging to a different community and was warned by a radical group of that community and they carried out the attack on the teacher. The type and nature of attack (the rudeness with which they damaged the reproductive organ and vicious attack using the metal part) makes me believe that this must have been done by this radical terrorizing group only. But we are running after balakrishnapilla…? I think he is smart and experienced enough to take on his enemy in a more clever way if he wanted to,so that no body will find it out. So it proves my belief.
    Now why the issue became so big ? Because the opposition wants it to be.There was a high court mention on the opposition leader regarding the transfer of his son’s case to lokayukta and also some similar subjects which the opposition wants to divert the people’s attention they will take on any simple issues to huge state.Otherwise who is interested in whether Balakrishnapilla broke the jail rule by telephoning from jail etc.Can you imagine 2 valuable days of Kerala Legislative assembly was lost due to that? Are our elected members doing their duty? In this context I strongly support Anna Hazare Movement ‘s demand that people should have the right to call back their elected Representative…. Why the interest of media? They are always for sensationalism more than helping good governance or democracy.”reporter” Channel had very few Viewers and they some how wanted some breakthrough and they created it by Planning the whole drama and so many things…I am not going on..This for your thoughts only May be I am wrong..


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