March 19th, 2012
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Budget session: Retirement age increased to 56 years; Highlights

Kerala state budget

Thiruvananthapuram: The opposition party raised slogans and expressed discontent towards the Kerala state Finance Minister KM Mani’s Budget even while the budget was in session. They have also alleged that the proposals in the state budget presented in the house by KM Mani was leaked. Members of the opposition has begun a sit in protest in the well of the house even as Mr Mani continues to present his budget.

Mr Mani began his budget speech in the legislative assembly this morning. MR Mani who is presenting his tenth budget has now become the first Kerala minister to present the maximum number of budgets in the Kerala Legislative Assembly. Before he introduced features of the new budget he informed the assembly that the state was capable of overcoming the global economic crisis.  Mr Mani’s budget is to focus on basic infrastructure development. However major reforms or changes are not  are not expected in the tax rates.

Highlights of the budget

  • 19% increase in revenue has been registered in the year 2011-2012
  • salary expenditure has seen a 22% increase when compared to that of the previous year.
  • 20539 crores was spent on salary distribution last year
  • the budget would focus on agriculture, rural development and industry: KM Mani
  • Rs 150 crores shall be allotted for Kochi Metro project
  • Rs 20 crores for Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode monorail
  • DMRC to assist The Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode monorail
  • Rice bioparks to be opened in Kuttanad and Palakkad for rice cultivation development in these regions
  • RS 22 crore for Vizhinjam project development
  • High tech agricultural practices to be introduced in the state
  • For development in coconut cultivation, Coconut bioparks shall be established, 15 crores to be kept aside for this purpose
  • Green house project in each panchayat for which 75% of the expenditure shall be received as subsidy from the centre and 25% shall be as loan from banks
  • Rs 50 crore for Kannur airport
  • Ayurveda University to be established at Malappuram district, near Kottakkal. Rs 1 crore to be kept aside for this purpose.
  • Journalist pension to be increased to Rs 4500
  • Kidney patients below poverty line would be given Rs 525 as aid per month
  • Widow pension to be hiked to Rs 525
  • Rs 100 crore for Waste disposal project
  • Kinfra park to be established  in every district
  • Handicap pension to be increased to Rs 700
  • Pension age to be increased to 56 years
  • Rs 50 crore for modern fish markets
  • Rs 1 crore allotted for Pineapple Mission
  • Rs 25 crore for Sabarimala development
  • New airports at Idukki and Wayanad
  • Tender coconut water has been declared as ‘official drink of Kerala’
  • Mullaperiyar issue: Rs 50 crore for building new damn
  • Joint sea safety project to be formed
  • Rs 56 crore for development of coastal highways
  • Rs 40 crore allotted to Kerala veterinary university
  • Township to be established at Ezhumala
  • Rs 200 crore for establishment Tanur fishing harbour
  • Rs 12 crore for Fisheries and Ocean University
  • Rs 55 crore for development of backward coastal and highland regions
  • Rs 50 crores for establishment of drinking water and electricity projects in selected fishing villages
  • Houses shall be constructed for the homeless among the fishing communities
  • Rs 5 crore for development of highway in hilly regions
  • Rs 1042 for the empowerment of scheduled tribe in Wayanad region
  • Rs 1 crore for the formation of an orchid garden to preserve the orchids of the Western Ghat region
  • Rs 54 core for development of Western Ghat region
  • Rs 84 crore for Kudumbashree activities
  • Rain water harvesting to be made compulsorily
  • Solid waste disposal units to be made compulsory in every flat/ apartment
  • Mobility hub to be established in Trissur and and Kottayam
  •  Vegetables that grow in foreign countries to be cultivated in Kerala
  • Air strip to be constructed in every district
  • Extension of Kollam- Kottapuram National Highway
  • Elephant conservation units to be established at Kottur and Kappukadu
  • Plastic to be used in tarring of roads
  • Rs 47 crores for the renovation of tanks in panchayats
  • Rs 110 crore for Jalanidhi project
  • Establishment of super markets and Triveni stores
  • Rs 8 crore for Kollam- Kanjirapally bypass
  •  Rs 5 crore to build bypass parallel to the Wayanad road
  • Rs 32 crore for Kozhikode cyber park
  • Rs 43 crore for Thiruvananthapuram techno park
  • Rs 43 crore for preservation and protection of wild life
  • KSRTC to be made profitable
  • Special aid for disposal of waste in Thrissur and Kollam
  • Rs 100 crore for coir development
  • Every school in state to have smart classrooms
  • Rs 58 crore for higher secondary
  • Archeological department to be given Rs 1 crore for renovation of walls of Padmanabhaswamy temple
  • Tulu academy to be established in Manjery
  • Rs 22 crore for Kerala sports council
  • Sports stadium of international standard and sports academy at Kozhikode
  • Indoor stadium in memory of Jimmy George at his home town Peravoor at Kannur district
  • Rs 472 crore for Health sector
  • Every medical college to have a trauma care unit
  • Medical college to be established in Wayanad
  • Dental College to be established in Thrissur and Alapuzha
  • 50 new homeo dispensaries
  • Janashree Bhima yojana for unorganized sector employees
  • Rs 50 lakh for Malayala Sarvakalashala
  • Heritage museum at Mananthavady


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