Polarization with a difference: Muzaffarnagar Violence

Communal violence has been the bane of Indian society, more so from last three decades

Left loses further in Karnataka while SDPI gains

Karnataka is a state where politicisation has not happened in the right sense of the term. The situation


WHEN the Arab Spring started blossoming with people coming out in the streets for democracy and social justice across a number of countries in North Africa and West Asia

Land Value Tax – adapting to the consequences of India’s free market in land

Leaving aside the question of inefficient tax collection in most states, the problem with property tax is that it leaves people free to benefit enormously from rising value of land, as the land accrues in value and they simply sell it off and make the money with barely any stamp duty

C.P.I.M centrel committe resolution on Kerala issues by V S Achuthanandan

The Deshabhimani, the Kerala C.P.I.M (Communist Party of India-Marxist) led newspaper published this centrel committee resolution today’s

Marquez’s ‘News of a Kidnapping’

one can speak of right to information, but if it is, for example, a state in which press censorship prevails, then the right remains a dead letter, not a reality. Whenever there is a complementarity between law and liberty

Thoughts on May Day 2012

May Day in the European tradition combines not only the memory of modern industrial struggle to shorten the working day, but also an older memory of a pre-industrial folk festival to celebrate the beginning of the summer; the sudden appearance of fresh green foliage and warm days


Branding the person with an indisputable, unquestionable tag of being a Maoist or a terrorist, is today


Over the past several years ‘rape’ as a form of sexual violence and subjugation has undergone both cultural and political transformations in the ways in which it is used, understood and performed. The law, unfortunately, has remained woefully entrenched in colonial sexual morality that has grown more conservative with the Hindu Right’s impositions of nationalist codes of modesty and honour on women’s bodies. What has made ‘rape’ law reform both imperative and contentious

The Ayatollahs of IIT-Madras Mull Safety Measures For Female Students: Moral Policing?

Moral policing-a brutal mental torture of the people, by the people, for the people to literally ‘off’ the people- has become a new verbatim in the dictionary of contemporary Indian social life. Whether it be Thasni Banu,who was verbally abused and assaulted by a group of men near Kochi, or another girl, who was attacked by Sri Ram Sena during their Talibanic avatar in Manglore, it disturbs