20th CPIM party organizational report via doolnews

This would be the first time in the history of CPIM that a communist party’s report gets published even before it is made public by the party. The Communist party, like a ginie guarding its precious treasure, keeps their organizational report a huge secret. Hence till date the report is not made available to the people till the party chooses to declare its contents

Everybody loves a good ban

Rushdie is the most compelling, intriguing yet obvious presence of the last some months in the media. After the Jaipur Literary Festival, Imran Khan’s staying out of the

Koodankulam supporter’s open letter to Karat seeking left solidarity

Kudankulam Antinuclear Agitation Support Group has extended their hand seeking support from the Left which has

Govt has foisted serious cases of ‘sedition’ : Koodankulam protesters

The Peoples’ Movement Against Nuclear Energy has drafted an open letter for circulation amongst the media with the intention

Gujarat genocide- the State, law and subversion

The Gujarat genocide in 2002, resulting in killing of nearly 1500 innocent citizens, mostly from India’s major minority community and subsequent pervasive

National Council for Senior Citizens constituted

National Council for Senior Citizens will be constituted by the government to advise the Central and State governments on issues related to the welfare of senior citizens. The council headed by the

The Hindu v/s TOI: The battle begins………

The battle lines have been drawn. India’s leading national newspapers are out in the arena hurling furious blows at each other. In an attempt to topple ‘The Hindus’ monopoly over the Tamil

Management strangles nurses agitation, media remains silent witness

Even as the battle between the nurses deprived of dignity, security and fair wages and the power wielding management at the Angamaly Little Flower hospital rages on; hidden camera, abuse, threats, blackmail and negative propaganda are the weapons raised by the latter to strangle and stifle the agitation. In this fight between the oppressor and the oppressed

Eastern chili powder adulterated with poison

Kochi: Eastern curry powder, a common name in most households, the taste maker and respite of many homemakers who produce delicious lip smacking delicacies, was found to have been producing chillie powder that is laced with Sudan IV- a deadly poison. Sudan IV is a fat-soluble dye used for staining.

The Morning Song of India

“The composition consisting of the words and music known as Jana Gana Mana shall be used for official purposes as the national anthem of India, subject to such alterations in the words as the Government may authorize as occasion arises and the song Vande Mataram, which has played a historic part in struggle for Indian freedom, shall have equal status with it.”