Durga Pujas – When Contradictions Come Alive

The very first Autumnal celebration of this festival was organized by Raja Nabakrishna Deb of Shovabazar (in Kolkata) to honor and congratulate Lord Clive for his victory in the battle of Plassey. In fact, the pujas in those days were

Law – A war horse for justice or handy ass to rationalize injustice

Well-informed citizens concerned with the inner strength and health of the Rule of Law in Gujarat feel that SIT acted like the proverbial monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi, by avoiding to see or hear anything against the Modi Government in the course of its investigation. Did SIT keep complicity level of Govt officials for prolonged

Chicken Soup for Porbandar

“Do we have a direct flight to this place?” NOP!..Howbout direct train??hardly any….bus???c’mon..v’ll drive down..!!wooooowww..long drive….can I drive??!! Welcome to Porbandar!..Whaatttt????that was

Mahmoud Abbas resounds the plea of an entire nation

We aspire for and seek a greater and more effective role for the United Nations in working to achieve a just and comprehensive peace in our region that ensures the inalienable, legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people as defined by the resolutions of international legitimacy of the United Nations

Is Bhoomi Puja by state a Secular Act?

It is a common sight to see the statues, photos and symbols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in different Government owned public places like police station and other buildings. Similarly state run buses also have the photos of Hindu Gods and Godesses. We have stopped thinking whether it is right. It is a common observation t

Is the Kerala Christian population facing extinction?

Christian extremism is more intense than Muslim extremism. Muslim extremism is visible from outside. The extremism and fanatism hidden inside Christians are more dangerous. Who were the worst? Those who chopped off the hands of T T Joseph or those who kicked him out of his job

“We don’t like Bush, but we are with the American people”:VS

Thiruvananthapuram: Wikileaks has revealed details of the conversation between Kerala former Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan and Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter. To have a

Law books just a click away

Special Story/ Doolnews Special Correspondent While cellphones have become an omnipresent all-in-one accessory, the corridors of justice are no exception. Judges in the state no longer need to go through the voluminous law books to make a reference instead, they can do it with just a click on their cellphones. In an initiative of the

Beware! you are swallowing the wrong medicine

Special Story/ V H Nishad Calicut: These were the people whose handwriting had exasperated their teachers at school. Their grades were always in the red as far as legibility was concerned. They were brainy people, however and could become doctors. But their handwriting remains an issue even now. Their illegible prescriptions are exasperating their patients now. A random enquiry conducted among the

Husband, by arrangement

In the months after I first moved to Delhi, I spent more time than I’d like to admit trawling through the marriage classifieds in the Sunday newspapers with horrified fascination. I couldn’t help but feel a westerner’s resistance to arranged marriage. The ads seemed unabashed, brazen; boiling marriage down to its core: a tying-together of families based on convenience, caste, religion and status