My dear daughter

It has rained heavily today. You did not know it, though. You were sleeping soundly beside me, oblivious of the world around you. And now you are asleep again- but no longer beside me. You are lying on soft earth which covers your body (and keeps you warm, I hope), under a little plant that marks your grave


Campus Dool/Anu A S DISTANCE… Between her upper lip and her lower lip there was a distance. Something that made a crack…. Every drop he sipped from that wine glass entered her throat. She watched him from that corner seat. In that twilight she was hardly visible to him. He continued sipping. She continued brooding. Between  her eyes and his eyeballs there was a distance . The distance which created a chasm…A  distance of time and space. He stood up, gave a million dollar  smile to the gentleman beside him and took his steps towards the door leaving her in oblivion. ………………….. Anu A S: Anu A S is a Ist MA English literature student at Calicut University   &nbsp