Indian Muslim youth: groping for equity and security

Chetan Bhagat, the popular writer turned columnist, decided to advise Muslim youth about their future path, choices. His advice came in the form of an article, a letter from a Muslim youth, in a leading daily. The article was so insensitive to the plight of Muslims; it amounted to blaming them for their own plight; and so subtly advised them to opt for leaders like Narendra Modi

Malayalees are indifferent to innovative ideas

Every human being should be responsible for better thinking and better life. There should be a kind of generosity, that should come from the wealthy, intellectual or all kinds of life we have and for sure that will help their place and country. I like to live a borderless life, I don’t like passports

Documenting dissent

True to his outspoken nature, he accuses A.P.J. Abdul Kalam of misleading people by his constant support to the Kudankulam plant. Kalam is not even a scientist to make such claims on the safety of the plant. He does not have the qualification to make such pronouncements. Safe disposal of nuclear waste is a myth.

Rule of Law and Police Morale in Gujarat State

Misusing and abusing the administrative authority of the Government over the Police, who are mandated to enforce law and order, the authorities had forced the police to act as enablers of rioting and abetters to rioters to carry out Government’s anti-Minority mobocratic agenda

A Review of Money Kumar

The RBI has misled us in this booklet by saying we need to make motorbikes and video games. Actually we need to make food and housing materials. Also, the RBI was wrong to say that we need growth and that there necessarily has to be high interest on borrowed money