Fairness creams can cause brain, kidney and liver damage

New Delhi: Fair & Lovely that is available in the market are highly toxic and can cause liver, kidney, and brain damage. Though the skin lightening cream sold in Saudi was supposed to contain 0.304+/-0.316 microg/g of Mercury which is below the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

St Dracula goes to Berlin

The iconic character, the fallen angel, the catastrophic lover with an intense longing to quench the thirst of vengeance – Dracula- is reborn but in a new dimension. Rupesh Paul is coming up with another controversial 3D concept to change the blood sucking ‘Vampire’ image of Dracula to match with the history

Eastern chili powder adulterated with poison

Kochi: Eastern curry powder, a common name in most households, the taste maker and respite of many homemakers who produce delicious lip smacking delicacies, was found to have been producing chillie powder that is laced with Sudan IV- a deadly poison. Sudan IV is a fat-soluble dye used for staining.

UID: Democracy to totalitarianism

UID is linked with national intelligence grid. This grid was set up by Chidambaram for real time information collection. The data that is collected is converged and then dispersed to unknown people