Iranian diplomats expelled from Britian

Britian: William Hague announced that Iranian diplomats would be expelled at once in response to the attack on the British embassy in Tehran.Hague has given them 48 hours to leave the country. Simultaneously, the British embassy in Tehran was shut down and all staff were evacuated. The British Iranian relation has reached at its

UK UN condemns attack on embassy in Tehran

Tehran: Iranian protesters stormed the British diplomatic compounds in Tehran, smashed windows, hurled petrol bombs, burnt the British flag

Egypt goes to polls; record turn out

Cairo: Egypt has entered the second day of voting. Most parties agree Egypt is on course for a record turnout. This is the first set

Pak boycotts Bonn Conference

Lahore: Pakistan has decided to boycott the upcoming Bonn Conference on Afghanistan to protest a cross-border NATO air strike that killed 24 soldiers, intensifying the tensions between Islamabad and Washington. Pakistan arrived at this decision after a three hour special meeting of the Cabinet chaired by Prime

CIA spies arrested in Iran

Tehran: Iran arrested 12 people who they believe are working as undercover agents for the CIA. Iranian official said the spies had been gathering intelligence from

Pak protests grant of MFN status to India

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD), an Islamist charity linked to outlawed militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, organized a protest in Lahore against the

India elected to UN Joint Inspection Unit

New Delhi: India has been elected to UN’s Joint Inspection Unit which is the only external oversight body, that takes care of the administrative and financial functioning of the world body

Iraqi’s legal victory over UK celebrated

London: In a very surprising verdict, Iraqi’s won a legal victory over UK. 100 Iraqi’ s have forced a public inquiry into allegations against British soldiers of

US deletes inaccurate Indian map

Washington: The US State Department till now had published inaccurate maps of India on its website. Finally the department removed the Indian maps from its site that depicted POK as a part of Pakistan. These maps of India and Pakistan did not reflect the correct boundary and geographical locations

Pak girl wins International Children’s Peace Prize

Islamabad: Malala Yousufzai, a brave young girl of 13 from Pakistan, wrote about the Taliban banning girls’ schools in the picturesque Swat Valley and