Tahrir square enters third day of protest

Cairo: The Protestors agitating against Egypt’s military rulers continue to remain camped in Cairo’s Tahrir Square for a third day. They have refused to budge even after the death of at least 13 demonstrators, who were killed when the security forces launched a major assault to clear the square.

Nawaz Sharif asks Hindus not to migrate to India

Islamabad: Pakistan’s opposition leader Nawaz Sharif reassured the Hindus who are living in Pakistan that they are safe in their own land. This statement comes three days after three Hindus doctors

Pope kissing Imam photo condemned by Vatican

Rome: Italian clothes company Benetton created a new global ad campaign showing the pope kissing a leading imam. Benetton’s poster showed Pope Benedict XVI kissing on the lips Egypt’s Ahmed el Tayyeb, imam of the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo and a leading voice in Sunni Islam

Wall street protesters evicted

Wall Street: New York State Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman upheld the eviction of the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters. The protestors would have to remove their lost a bid to overturn

Australia attempts to lift ban on Uranium export

Perth: The Australian government is pondering over the possibility of reversing the ban on the sales of Uranium to India. Prime Minister Julia Gillard supported the lifting the embargo that had strained the relations with India – the world’s biggest democracy. The Labour government that had come to power in 2007, had insisted

Pak is ready to walk the talk

Islamabad: Pakistan asked New Delhi to have “trust and faith” in it, as “times have changed” and have expressed their wish for complete normalization of bilateral trade. India feels that this reasurance that is coming right after the Most Favoured Nation status displays the country’s genuine desire to “walk the talk”.

BBC reporter arrested by Iranian intelligence agents

Tehran: Iranian intelligence agents have arrested an individual who is alleged to have been working secretly for the Persian language service of the BBC for spreading

UNESCO short of funds, to shut down till year end

New York: UNESCO has been compelled to suspend all its spending programmes until the end of the year after the US withdrew its funding over the issue of Palestnian membership. The UNESCO, will trim its budget, restrict travel and publications, put all spending under review, and freeze any new projects between now

Gunshots fired near the White House

Washington: There was security breach in Washington DC when gunshots were fired near the White House yesterday at 9.30pm local time last night (8.10 am IST

Officals attempt to shut down occupy protests after 4 deaths

London: After the death of 4 people the City leaders across the US are under immense pressure too shut down Occupy protest encampments. Two men died in shootings and two others were fiund dead inside their tents this week.One was found dead yesterday inside a tent at the Occupy Salt Lake City encampment,