Indian Muslim youth: groping for equity and security

Chetan Bhagat, the popular writer turned columnist, decided to advise Muslim youth about their future path, choices. His advice came in the form of an article, a letter from a Muslim youth, in a leading daily. The article was so insensitive to the plight of Muslims; it amounted to blaming them for their own plight; and so subtly advised them to opt for leaders like Narendra Modi

Muslim women question community leaders with a public protest

On Saturday, Kozhikode, Kerala witnessed a first of its kind protest with a group of Muslim women burning an effigy

Malayalees are indifferent to innovative ideas

Every human being should be responsible for better thinking and better life. There should be a kind of generosity, that should come from the wealthy, intellectual or all kinds of life we have and for sure that will help their place and country. I like to live a borderless life, I don’t like passports

Left loses further in Karnataka while SDPI gains

Karnataka is a state where politicisation has not happened in the right sense of the term. The situation

Violent riffs

CHAOS, obviously one of the best metal act Kerala have witnessed have came out with their first album named ‘VIOLENT REDEMPTION’, hailing from Trivandrum Kerala, where metal

Am with the people of Koodankulam: V S ; who was blocked by Tamil Nadu police

  Kaliyikkavila (Tamilnadu): The Opposition leader of Kerala V.S. Achuthanandan who had embarked on a visit to Koodankulam in a show of solidarity to the protesters there, was blocked by the Tamil Nadu police at the border today morning. VS decided to return to Trivandrum, considering the official request from the TN police to consider the deterioration in the law and order situation in the region, if he visits Koodankulam. “I had come here to take part in the Gandhian protests led by Udayakumar. I am disappointed that I could not reach them. The Police is saying that my visit can create tensions in the region. I do not wish to create such a situation. So I am returning after expressing solidarity to the protest movement in Koodankulam,” said Achuthanandan. He said that this issue is beyond that of linguistic or national divides. It is a protest movement for world peace. It is a major cause of disappointment that I could not go to Koodankulam and express solidarityu, he said. The Tamil Nadu Police had earlier reequested the Kerala Police to prevent Achuthanandan’s visit to prevent the resultant rise in tension in the coastal belt near Koodankulam. It is learned that the Kerala Police refused to comply with this request, as it is against the protocol for the State Police to block the opposition leader. The Kerala Police had also earlier requested VS to back down from the trip due to safety conerns. But VS had refused. VS Achuthanandan’s visit to Koodankulam was against the diktats of the party leadership. The sympathetic stand that he has taken to the protesters is in direct conflict with the official stand of the party’s central leadership as well as that of the Tamil Nadu unit. In a recent TV interview, VS had said that the current stand taken by the CPI (M) is not matching to the image of a party which has earlier withdrawn support to the UPA-1 Government in the INdo-US Nuclear deal issue. The Party General Secretary Prakash Karat had said earlier in the week that the Koodankulam plant can be commissioned after adequate safety measures are put in place and the concerns of the people are addressed

Anti-Koodankulam protests:Detailed report from the ground

Staff Reporter Koodankulam: Given the large number of conflicting reports that have been making the rounds, a few of us – informed by reliable local sources – have attempted to reconstruct the events leading up to the current situation based on confirmed information. Information, where unconfirmed, is indicated. Based on eye-witness reports by Amrithraj Stephen, interviews by Nityanand Jayaraman, Revathi and Amritharaj, and updates and articles published on internet. Police violence on peaceful protesters in Koodankulam Friends in the media have reported that all top police brass have gathered in Koodankulam to chalk out a strategy to wipe out the movement. According to the media sources, intelligence officials are reporting that two women police are missing and are untraceable. Villagers say that no police persons have been taken hostage. It is feared that this rumour is being used to fuel public opinion against the protestors and to justify any repressive action by the police against villagers. In this context, to pre-empt any untoward incident, Mr. S.P. Udayakumar has announced that key leaders of the movement will surrender tonight at Koodankulam Police Station in the presence of prominent political leaders. YESTERDAY’S GOINGS ON Responding to the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board’s clearance to commence nuclear fuel loading in the Koodankulam plant, the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy announced that protestors would lay siege to the plant on 9 September. Police force was deployed in huge numbers in the area. On that day, between 8000 and 10000 people, including children and women from Idinthakarai and neighbouring villages started from the Lured Matha church in Idinthakarai. They walked down the coastal path avoiding the road route and were stopped by the police around 800 metres away from the plant. The protesters sat down on the sea shore and said they will continue their struggle from there. S.P.Udayakumar, co-ordinator of the struggle committee, announced that they want the Tamilnadu government to intervene and respond to the demands of the protesting masses. All the protesters stayed put on the sea shore braving the weather and other hardships. On the morning of the 10th of September, the police came in with the strike force resorted to a tentative lathi charge around 10.30 am. After a scuffle that lasted a few minutes, police withdrew to a distance and uneasy calm prevailed. “The situation is back to normal,” a protestor told us at 10.30, as if anything about the situation could be considered normal. The congregation of mostly baton-wielding police forces swelled in size. A large riot-gear bedecked police force was in the frontline facing the people, and tear gas lobbers were on stand-by. After sometime two young men on a fibre boat tried to go towards KKNP. The protesters were against this and took permission from the police and went towards the young men and spoke them back to the place they were all sitting. As the two young men came back the police according to the Tirunelveli SP Vijendra Bidari’s orders, nabbed them. This caused unrest amongst the protesters and they argued with the police, asking why they’re arresting them after they have come back. Around this time at 11.30 Tirunelveli SP Vijendra Bidari announced the protesters to disperse in ten minutes failing which police will take action. Women formed the first line of protestors and were closest to the plant, while the children and men strung out along the beach towards the Idinthakarai village. Just before the strike began, DIG Rajesh Das instructed the strike force to move towards the centre of the congregation and enter from the centre so as to divide the women and men. As people all over Tamilnadu and elsewhere were watching this live on television, and even as the reporter was announcing that the ten minute countdown has started we could see tear gas shells being lobbed at the protesters. According to protester who was at the site, “A small commotion over policemen pushing two volunteer youth started and a few women shouted at the police men and a crowd gathered around them. Police men ran towards there and started lathi charge. Even before we could realise, tear gas shells were lobbed at us.” As we could see from the live telecast, many teargas shells were lobbed and police went into the crowd in force and resorted to heavy lathicharging. Caught between a tide of armed police and the ocean, women and children tried to throw handsful ofsand at the policemen to escape lathi blows; children were caught in the melee. A large number of men jumped into the sea, even as members of the Rapid Action Force were caught on television pelting stones, sticks and slippers at those at sea. The police were threatening those wading in the sea with death and bodily harm upon their return to the beach. At one point, the source of this information heard [&hellip

Tourism department award for Le Meridian Kochi selling stale food

The Le Meridian hotel and convention centre in Kochi, from where stale food was seized in the recent raids, was given the award

C.P.I.M centrel committe resolution on Kerala issues by V S Achuthanandan

The Deshabhimani, the Kerala C.P.I.M (Communist Party of India-Marxist) led newspaper published this centrel committee resolution today’s

TP Chandrashekaran: The brave leader who gave his life for the Left

Kozhikode: The state remains in shocked after the appalling gruesome political killing of former CPIM leader and leader of Revolutionary Marxist Party TP Chandreshekaran. The body of the leader who was loved and revered by his party members as well as the common man has been placed at the Kozhikode Town hall for the public to pay their last respects. Opposition leader V S Achuthananthan arrived at Kozhikode to pay respect to the martyr who was once known to be his ardent supporter. The body was taken to the town hall after elaborate post mortem conducted at Kozhikode medical College. As per the post mortem report Mr Chnadrashekaran who was attacked and killed by unidentified assailants at Vallikkad near Vatakara has incurred around fifty deep cuts on his face and head alone. According to police, 51-year-old Chandrasekharan was attacked by assailants who came by a car while he was riding a motorcycle alone. Country-made bombs were hurled at him and when he fell off the motorcycle, he was hacked to death with sharp weapons. His face was badly disfigured. The incident occurred yesterday night at around 10.15. He was returning home on his two wheeler after participating in a wedding. The body was lying in a pool of blood on the road for more than half an hour after which he was taken to the hospital by the police. Director General of Police Jacob Punnoose told the media in New Delhi: “As of now it looks like a pre-planned attack. A special police team has been formed to investigate it.” Addressing the pressperson here on Saturday, DGP added that Chandrasekharan faced severe threats to his life from various quarters. However the RMP leaders alleged that CPI(M) workers were behind the murder. The party had even thought of giving him security, but he rejected it, they said. (SIT) probing the gruesome murder case, today took into custody the car in which the assassins apparently fled after the incident. The Innova car bearing the registration number plate KL-58-D-8144 was found abandoned. The car was abandoned after washing and cleaning it. The revolutionary Marxist party activists have blamed the CPIM for this killing that has high political overtones. Leaders of the Congress-led UDF alleged that CPI(M) workers could be behind the murder as Chandrasekharan had been an irritant to the party leadership in their stronghold Onchiyam for quite some time. KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala has stated that the CPIM cannot wash their hands off. Condemning the incident, CPI(M) District Secretary TP Ramakrishan, however, refuted the allegation.“Our party has nothing to do with this incident. We are opposed to this type of violence”, Ramakrishnan said. Left Democratic Front (LDF) convenor Vaikom Viswan denied the CPI-M’s hand in the killing. “This is (meant) to malign our party,” he said. “We demand an impartial inquiry.” CPIM State Secretary, Pinarayi Vijayan while addressing the press stated that his party had nothing to with the incident. “This killing is an act of cowardice. The killing is part of UDF conspiracy. Quotation team is behind the killing. The use of quotation team to bring down an individual is the manner generally employed by the UDF,” he said. Home Minister Thiruvanchur Radhakrishnan condemned the incident and said an effective investigation would be conducted and culprits brought to book. Chandrasekharan had left the CPI-M in 2008. In the 2009 local bodies polls, he led his newly formed Revolutionary Marxist Party to victory in his home Panchayat in Onchiyam and also in the nearby villages. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said, “There are leads on what has happened. We will wait for the investigation to be completed. This is a gruesome incident. The chief minister said Chandrasekharan had told him earlier that he was being threatened by CPI-M workers.”