Study of Post-War Imperialsim

“Imperialism in the Neocolonial phase”, by PJ James, is an in-depth empirical study of the modalities of imperialism with special reference to the post-war period. The analysis starts with the ‘genesis’ of neocolonialism, which is located in

Madras eye

Short story/ Shiyas I wake up with a Madras eye (1). I look at the mirror and see my left eye reddened. I walk towards the tea shop. The tea master’s eyes are visibly red but the tea drinkers

A keyhole peep into a parallel universe

Book Review/ Niranjalli Varma : “Ossama’s silence grew annoying. I wanted him to say something, to confide that he was going to approach our parents about our engagement. But Ossama remained stubbornly proper! I remember staring up into his kindly

Exposing the gothic face of a celebrated democracy

Arundhati Roy’s Listening to Grasshoppers: Field Notes on Democracy, pitches itself right into the capitalized democratic fantasies of India’s flimsy secular middle class. Come to think of the title, one might legitimately wonder

Words of guilt

I am a woman.
How long? How long I have been sitting here?
Is not that enough?
To undertake the guilt of words
Not to be drowned in such great emptiness
Is not that enough?
They have cut off my legs

The boxman’s death

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Tenzin New
Hey jus now i passed thru tat road wher box-man stays, they r putting him in coffin n clearing his box… He’s gone.. Pray 4 one minute..