Political thoughts of the apolitical urban elite

Political soup/Anonymous correspondent Political thoughts of the apolitical urban elite have been attracting my curiosity for the last several years.  They all feel politics is a dirty business and all the politicians are corrupt, forgetting the fact that, the urban elite comprising corporates, traders, industrialists and top officials, constitute the solid foundation structure of corruption, on which political leaders constructed the tower of their manipulation. Only very rarely, the urban elite say something about persons in the political arena. A few years ago, they started praising a nuclear bomb maker who suddenly occupied one of the highest public offices in the country. The nuclear scientist’s innovative thoughts; like washing hands before having lunch, bathing daily and telling the truth, always evoked wider acceptance among the apolitical urban elite. They said, here is an angel in the political field with innovative ideas that would make India a super power by 2020.  Let us wait and see how moral utterances of nursery school standards would make India a super power in another nine years. When Anna Hazare was arrested and jailed for attempting to organize a Gandhian mode of agitation against corruption, I searched newspapers and news channels to see the reaction of the bomb maker turned idealist on the issue. He was no where in the sight. How can a statesman avoid such a crucial issue and hide his head in some research station in some unknown corner? Silence at crucial moments is a criminal activity. Sorry to tell that this ’embodiment of all human virtues’ is yet to take a stand on the move to hang Perarivalan, the youth who is in jail for 20 years in connection with the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. Why is he ignoring statements of veterans like V R Krishna Iyer, exposing charges against Perarivalan? Great statesmen must at least oppose death sentences. The urban elite was always vocal of the ‘clean image’ of our prime minister, who never ever faced an election. His political initiation was through the backdoor and he was not concerned of voting even during the last assembly election in Assam, where he was supposed to be a voter. He is yet to convince the country of his democratic convictions. His silence during 2 G Spectrum has taken away the hallow around his head, evolved by the urban elite class. Anan Hazare issue has once again exposed him. Dictatorship has different manifestations. One among them is the way apolitical technocrats and bureaucrats are occupying high positions