November 23rd, 2011
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Hindi Prachara Sabha- a pandora’s box

dakshin Hindi prachara sabha Kochi: CBI that conducted raids at the Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachara Sabha, Kochi branch, found sufficient documents to prove that the officials in the administrative committee came into power due to fake votes that were cast in the elections. To grab power, the officials forced 2000 people who had no voting rights to cast their votes in their favour.

CBI conducted raid at Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachara Sabha, Kochi branch, yesterday  based on a tip off received by them claiming that there was large scale  misappropriation of funds being conducted at the the Sabha. The raid was conducted by a 7 member CBI team. The team that began its raid in the morning checked all official documents and studied various cheque’s issued by the Sabha. The CBI have learnt of  major misappropriation of funds and illegal activities carried out behind the mask of Hindi Prachara Sabha.

The CBI investigation was focussed on three main aspects which are financial missapropriation, the Rs 35 lakh corruption involved in the PF fund and what has happened to the Innova car that was given to the trust. The Innova car is said to be privately owned by some individual. There are allegations that the Innova car was used by a goonda named Amjith earlier. The CBI have claimed that the car has been traced and recovered.

The investigation team has uncovered a 35 lakh misappropriation conducted in the PF fund. The money collected to be deposited in the PF fund was not being remitted in the PF but being used for personal benefits.

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