October 5th, 2011
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Chetan Bhagat defends IIT’s

Chetan BhagatNew Delhi: Chetan Bhagat, former IITian and author of best sellers ‘2 States’ and ‘A night @ the call centre’, defended the IITs. He said the comments of Infosys founder Narayan Murthy’s were unfair.

“The IIT students are the softest target and you know I found it very high handed. Its the same as saying Infosys is said to be this great company but as compared to Google and Facebook what is Infosys? I just wanted to show that it hurts when people look at you in a high handed, negative manner,” Bhagat said.Murthy created a stir when he said that the quality of students passing out of the acclaimed institute has gone down.

“Saying that 80 per cent of the students are not good, I mean this is such a high handed statement. These are the students who have cleared one of the toughest exam and you are undermining their achievement,” he added.

Bhagat said that the comments made by Murthy were high handed and that it hurts when a negative comment like that is made.

“Thanks to coaching classes, the quality of students entering IITs has gone lower and lower. Save the top 20 per cent who crack the tough IIT entrance exam and can stand among the best anywhere in the world, the quality of the remaining 80 per cent of students leaves much to be desired,” Murthy has said earlier.


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