September 21st, 2011
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Cholera confirmed in Calicut

CholeraKozhikode: The district is already a victim to Rat-bite-fever is now confirmed to be also a victim of Cholera. Kuruvathur Janu (72) was identified with Cholera at the Kozhikode Medical College. A total of 12 people died after succumbing to Rat fever in the district. 19 people are said to be suffering from jaundice. As per medical records a total of 250 people are said to be suffering from Rat fever.

“Most of the infected people are from Kannur and Malapuram”, said Kozhikode Medical college authoriity. 80 people are found to be infected by Malaria and Dengu in Eranakulam. The health ministry blames the rains, delayed medical attention and inefficient waste disposal for the deteriorating health conditions in the state.


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