December 8th, 2011
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Communist Party in Kozhikode history’s documentation

Communist party Kozhikode: Kelu Ettan Study Research Centre intends to bring out a series of books on the evolution of Kozhikode, the birthplace of Communist movement in Kerala, through class struggles. The book titled ‘History of Communist Part in Kozhikode’ will feature the origin of the Communist Party, the circumstances that led to it, class struggle in Kozhikode, impact of anti-colonial protests on the social and economic conditions and a relative analysis of exploitation by colonist forces now and then.

” The role of Communist forces and impact of class struggles are not given due importance in official historical literature. However, the present generation should know why Kozhikode, the capital of Malabar in the erstwhile Madras Presidency in British India, became the provenance of Communist movement in the state and how the people here were involved in those struggles. The ignorance of such historical facts would make the present and the future generations cuturally and politically impotent,” said K T Kunhikannan, director of the Kelu Ettan Study and Research Centre.

The book is series comprising of three parts. The first part will feature the history of Kozhikode, the influence of Communist movements occurred in other countries, formation of the communist movement in Kozhikode and its role in the freedom struggle till gaining Independence in 1947.

while the second part will narrate the activities of Communist forces from 1947 to 1964 till the origin of CPM, the third book will be a brief history of the party’s activities in Kozhikode upto the 20th Party Congress, scheduled to be held in April, 2012. The first part of the book will be released  in the upcoming CPM district conference.

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  1. Joseph JOse

    Look forward to read the book shortly.


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