November 16th, 2011
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Contempt of Court: MV Jayarajan walks out of prison

jayarajan-victoryThiruvananthapuram: CPIM state council member,  M V Jayarajan who was sentenced to six months of imprisonment has been released from jail on bail.  He walked out of prison today at 4pm after spending 9 days in the Poojapura jail at Thiruvananthapuram. Under the leadership of the Thiruvananthapuram District Committee a huge welcome ceremony has been organized.

Mr Jayarajan has decided to walk till the venue arranged for the welcome ceremony. The welcome ceremony would be organized at Poojapura ground. At 8.45 pm he would board the Mangalore Express to Kannur. Thursday morning he will be given a warm welcome ceremony at the Kannur railway station.

The Supreme Court granted bail to CPIM leader MV Jayarajan, yesterday. The bail had been granted after considering the petition submitted by the leaders lawyer before the Supreme Court contesting the High Court sentence. His release was delayed as the vehicle bringing his vehicle carrying the releasing order for CPM leader MV Jayarajan met with an accident near Karunagapally. The rule states that the releasing order should be given personally to the jail authorities. With the untimely accident his release was delayed.

10,000 rupees bond and 2000 rupee fine was paid up by him today in the morning. In a public speech made by Jayarajan on June 16, 2010 he made attempts to incite the public and attempted to tarnish the image and credibility of the High Court.  He is said to have asked the public to question and to go against the verdict of the High Court then. Shumbhan ( stupid), Pulle ville ( care two hoots), Mandatharam ( foolishness) where the words used by him to describe the High Court. The High Court had initiated suo motu contempt of court proceedings against Jayarajan after he made critical comments against judges for banning roadside meetings during a public speech in Kannur on June 26 last year.


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